Known for our choice in scalable adaptable solutions, EMS offers a complete line of labor management systems.

These solutions adapt to companies with 10 employees up to 10,000+ employees. NOVAtime is our choice because of their dedication to provide dynamic, scalable, and high quality workforce management systems that can be upgraded without re-training (backward compatibility that includes any customized programming changes) of our client’s staff. This, the technology, and their 70 years of combined experience in the time and attendance industry is an immeasurable advantage in the growth of your business. Affordable solutions for business all sizes and complexity.

The research and development continue to move with technology. The hardware plays a big part when integrating with the software. Technology, capabilities, ease of use, and client’s / industry needs is definite factors in developing their product line.

Their open modular design fits easily into any organization's IT computing environment. This design adapts to changes as well as facilitating growth. Our software is fully implemented via Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using Unified Modeling Language (UML) framework.

Financial reporting may be last but not least. This is why the open modular design has a direct impact on the development and design of these products. NOVAtime’s many report variations, canned, manipulated, or custom can be exported to other formats. Programs such as; Excel can have templates produced to manage the data in a desired format to better manage your business.

EMS feels the intricate part or heart of a system is the information it produces to manage your business, your employees, and your liabilities should provide affordable, practical, profitable solutions, to ease the pain in managing employees through technology and eliminate challenges today in the administration of business.

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